Talks to how we all have someone in our heads; this is in most cases someone who has influenced us, this is a mother a brother friend or mentor. Sometimes the influence is not always positive hence one of the figures in the painting has a beer mug (Negative?) as an eye and coffee mug (Positive?) on the other. None of the two is necessarily bad but from someone else perspective it maybe.

Someone in your head can also be voices we all have in our heads, sometime it feels as if we have split personalities, voices in our heads that are fighting to be heard, to express themselves, these can also be hopes or fears for the future, anxieties or dreams. 

  • Ayanda Nkosi + Nkosinathi Thomas Ngulube
  • 2020
  • Mixed media on Fabriano
  • Artists signatures at the back of the paintings. Front bottom right signed with artists thumb print
  • 180 x 170 cm
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