Welcome to Thomarts Gallery

Thomarts Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that was formed by South African artist, Nkosinathi Thomas Ngulube, to showcase his paintings and sculptures exclusively. It is currently owned by him and his wife Nkgadi, its director, who joined the gallery at a later stage.

The gallery premises are in the historic Founders Hill, east of the city of Johannesburg.

Over the past years the gallery has opened its doors to follow a strict model of focusing on a few rural-based artists that the gallery owners have handpicked in their art workshops, which have enhanced the artists’ techniques and improved their skills. This initiative emanated from the outcry of minimal art resources affecting rural-based raw artists.

The gallery occupies a unique niche in the art world and has become a part of the awareness of African art, to elevate recognition and create opportunities for deserving African artists

In its curatorial approach, the gallery focuses on showcasing unique African art collections for private and corporate collectors and has enjoyed a sanguine success with artists that it has collaborated with.

The fluidity of the gallery ‘s DNA flows with the affective dimensions of the ever challenging and changing contemporary art world, making it an establishment that encompasses different ideas influenced and bred by artists in an art world that is ever controversial.


Who's Who



Nkgadi Sheena-Leigh Ngulube, a Creative Social entrepreneur runs and manages Thomarts Gallery in partnership with her husband, South African painter, writer, poet and sculptor, Nkosinathi Thomas Ngulube.



Nathi directs and runs Thomarts Gallery on the curatorial side, and is hands' on involved in their art workshops by enhancing rural based and urban based artists' techniques. Nathi has been sculpting and painting for the past 15 years and started his career from selling other artist's art