COLLABORURALATION is a coined word which plainly means, a Collaboration with artists in a rural setting, and is ironic with the diversity of Languages, the natural formation of words: The Alphabet is a seed which bears forth different languages that have a somewhat beauty that super cedes their origination.  In this project, which has been a long way coming, and successful, we handpicked the participating artists through their sound portfolios and through the diversity of their languages. Inspired from the 26 letter alphabet, the project has brought out the individuality of each artist and created a very interesting conversation expressed in an art dialogue. The purpose of the collaboration with Nkosinathi Thomas's  Ngulube and his wife Nkgadi Sheena-Leigh Ngulube, both directors and co-owners of Thomarts Gallery  was to strengthen and enhance the raw talent to be locally and internationally recognised. As the professional artist of the project with a 20+ years-experience and have had his paintings and sculptures show at various galleries, locally and internationally, Ngulube is rightfully able to claim his title and transfer his diverse skills, impart knowledge and assist young and emerging artists with a great potential to grow professionally. The artists involved all hail from Mpumalanga Province and were given space and time to explore the theme and inspiration in a manner of creating the art. The 8 artists were given 26 x 150 cm x 100 cm fabriano- canvasses that had alphabet letter-stencils to create on.  The artists explores issues pertaining to identity, society, being and other issues in contemporary South Africa through the lens of creating art. This is a project that we will grow to other provinces so as to celebrate who we are, our heritage,  culture and multi-lingualism.

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