The calm, peaceful woman in the painting with her eyes closed is actually looking within, the closed eyes signifies shutting the world out and doing some soul searching. The Zodiac signs refer to how individually and culturally humanity has looked for signs and indicators of a person’s future,  and identity on based when they were born i.e. which month, season or moon phase.

Looking for answers to the stars, ancestors or God is a common thread in humanity, though not an explicit language but it’s a trait that we can all relate to and a language we speak in our own unique way.

The closed eyes are also in contrast to today’s generation and lifestyle of hyper consumption of visual content; our eyes are always open always watching, reading searching for inward answers outwardly. It is also a message that often what we are searching for outwardly is often on the inside and is one conversation away…with ourselves of course!

  • Ayanda Nkosi + Nkosinathi Thomas Ngulube
  • 2020
  • Mixed media on Fabriano
  • Artists signatures at the back of the paintings. Front bottom right signed with artists thumb print
  • 150 x 120 cm
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