Artificial Insemination is used by doctors for the infertile. Many of us have met or heard of some people whom the medical society diagnosed them as infertile, yet later in life, without any medical help they bore children. We live in a quick fix world where there is total disregard if the strengths of one's body to heal itself or withstand storms. Technology has brought many answers but at the same time has taken the golden gift of Patience from many. I have scene the erection of shacks before and it takes less than a day to set one up. Quick fix. Transparency has become an artificial aspect in our lives as we become ignomarus. As media distorts facts from truth, we are brain washed to every trend that rises before us. Human nature has become a lover of artificiality, to an extent of placebo effects. As robots we go up and descend the ladder in search for answers where they are distorted.  How do artificial things perceive us?

  • Nkosinathi Thomas Ngulube
  • 2021
  • Mixed media on rough hessian
  • Artist's left thumbprint in signature bottom right
  • 205 x 65 cm