New Transitions

July 09, 2020 - September 01, 2020

Unit U20G Morningside Shopping Center Outspan Road/Rivonia Road Morningside Johannesburg 2196


We can all concur that the Covid-19 pandemic has sharply changed the normality of the entire world. The art industry has taken a nose-dive shift, seeing many art galleries close and some undergoing temporary closure. Many creatives have been acutely affected as this shift has left them with no spaces to promote their art. This is a Transition.

Art lovers have also been affected as the normal gatherings of wine, food, music, and art have died down.  But we are a resilient people and resilience does not mean we are careless people. As regulations loosen up a bit and the scare of infections rise, we have a new “normal” of covering up in masks, the different sanitizers that share a common friend: Alcohol, the social distancing etcetera. A lot has become common and we could not resist amid all the cares to bring the good times back yet with proper Covid 19-precautions, as “our lives are in our hands.” Another Transition.

Let us engage once more with Art, Food, Wine and Music and support local artists, adorn our naked walls with art and not forget to take great care of ourselves and those around us. Please join us responsibly as we explore New Transition with works by Esther Mahlangu, Franscisco Diego, Dominic Shabangu, Reggie Khumalo, Mandisi Mncela and Nkosinathi Thomas Ngulube.

Art speaks through ages of love, hurt, turmoil and wars, art is never substituted. In this show featuring a new body of work, a group of artists conversely concurred to produce works that are either affected or not affected by the current covid 19 pandemic. The body of work brought about beautiful art that has a positive outlook of life and other subjects. The transition is not in the work but the transition of times have therefore motivated the works. The strength of the artist's creative mind faces challenges daily but it is in the results of their works that we see that their perseverance in times of a world-wide pandemic is never dulled.  

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