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Imiyalezo Yabadala

04 Sep 2020

Imiyalezo Yabadala can be plainly translated as, Messages From The Ancestors. Mncela introduces us to the spiritual conversations that he has given facial and symbolic identities , of which he says come to him in his dreams, when the physical form is put to sleep and his spiritual being comes alive.

His dynamic human forms are laced with spiritual messages, political, religious and racial connotations that breath the significance of their ritualistic exuberance with intrigue and captivating admiration to its audience. Mncela’s works are best approached with an intent to be confronted by the ideologies of the artist and to engage with the artist’s spirituality through this body of work. 

The work gives away the subtleness and vulnerability of Mandisi’s persona which he unintentionally invites us into. The power of his Neo-expressionism romanticizes the revelations of his bared soul and allows him to be a journalist that does not write but imagines text to form mingled with poetry.

Mncela’s entire production and curation for this exhibition can only be summed up as a luminous initiation of our encapsulated personalities, which in many times than one we intently keep tucked away. With an orchestrated guise  of fear, Mncela has not minced his words to speak out on his canvasses about muffled issues in our society that we most often avert from and keep blanketed.

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