When looting was commonplace just yesterday, a shout will emerge as the crowds of people approached....” BAYEZA”,  A quick glance, and swarms of people come charging. It is the Looters. They are like a herd of lions that’s are going for the kill. They loot everything on sight. Burning fires, smoke, burning buildings, burning shops and burning malls. It was like a scene out of a fictional movie. South Africa was covered under a dark blanket of gory emotions, a salt to the wound of COVID 19.

Bayeza is an intertwine of both looting and COVID situations, they cannot be separated from our presence and history.

In this artwork, l  have beautifully executed a contrast of ugly and beauty. The ugly sight of smoke and burnt buildings is overlaid  on a beauty that stood before and after the looting. The textures herewith are the remnants of the trodding and  burnt remains. The bright beauty is what helps us hold on to sanity and hope in these tough times of utter desperation and confusion

  • Nkosinathi Thomas Ngulube
  • 2021
  • Mixed media on Fabriano
  • Artist's left thumbprint in signature bottom right
  • 65 x 230 cm