William Bakaimo

Bakaimo's work is essentially about the mutation of men in the face of incongruous situations of life. He always considers the human situation as the central motive of his work, the way it finds the solutions to the problems it encounters, how through these problems and situations of stagnation, it comes out grown and more mature. Moreover, the impact of his problems on his existence and his environment are the artist's favorite subjects. In fact, the human being constantly lives this phenomenon of molding that lizards know so as not to remain skimpy in a small skin. 

His actions allow him somehow to rise to the next level, to look for a more comfortable place. He inclines the treatment of his subjects to replicate a social order. He had learned with time to work following his intuitions and his feelings. The improvisations with the bizarre are commonplace in his works, allowing his characters to be exposed in an incessant game between half-human half-animal figures, 'twixt the bold and the cowardice. Of his executions, Bakaimo quotes, “ I rarely sketch before painting on canvas but there is always a concern for the harmony of colors and the search for balance in my composition elements. The concept of solid areas and volume is quite suggestive in the background, which brings me from time to time to create contrasts between my lines of contours and my backgrounds my basic mediums are acrylic, Indian ink added to the acrylic binder that allows me to create as many effects as possible. 

In order to reinvent myself and evolve my artistic writing, I explore several techniques, I play with different chromatic games and it allows me to add the aesthetics of the atmosphere, the phantasmagoric, the dreamlike in what I do.”

William  Bakaimo

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